A few minor problems

Unfortunately I have had a few problems attending the past two classes. I did get a little bit of time to spend in Second Life outside of class time and during the hectic period over the last two weeks. I don’t mean to insult anybody by saying this but from my experiences in SL I always seemed to ask myself the same question. “Why would somebody spend time in this?”, however after recent events in RL I was finally able to conjure a valuable answer. 

Maybe to some people the real world is too much or maybe it’s not enough?. Second Life provides endless possibilities to an individual. What you do with this life is completely in your own hands. It is a blank canvas, the world is yours to mould and sculpt. You define who you want to be. It is not only a second life, but a second chance. Maybe this is the reason people use SL? It is a form of escapism to some people or maybe most people feel comfortable communicating and socialising with people of similar interests in their own comfort zone. 

Although I was unable to attend class over the past two weeks I do feel I have learned a bit more about SL and what it offers. Maybe now I can tackle some opportunities that I was blind to before. Now is the time I can start my second life. 



Here we go

This blog is about my journey and experiences as I try to get to grips with this module; ‘Second Life – Is one life enough’. 

I myself spend a lot of my time using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc. If i’m being completely honest I thought that this module would be somewhat different to what I know realise it is. I had no idea I would have to fully immerse myself within this online world and experience it like the RL (Real Life) world we live in. 

I found the first class extremely awkward and I was very nervous. Hiding behind the monitor of a computer is comforting and very easy to feel a sense of security and safeness. In second life however, my avatar ‘DoxaDesigner’ is a fragment of my real self. Through this medium I communicate, interact and share with others who do the same. 

I got to meet my lecturer who’s SL (Second Life) avatars name is ‘Acuppa Tae’. I did have problems with the first lesson. The reason for this was my mic and headphones would not work. I felt I was missing a lot of the lessons content from just not being able to hear the lecturer speak. Luckily there was an assistant so to say who used the local chat option to help anyone who was having technical difficulties. 

To summarise my first experience, I would say it was uncomfortable more than anything else. I’m sure this is just like any other feeling you would get if you jumped right into something new. Maybe i’m supposed to feel like this?. Time and more experience will tell.